What strength do I need for my project?

You will have to determine the strength of concrete you need. The minimum strength we offer is 3000psi, which is typical for house foundations, driveways, sidewalks, patios, etc. Concrete used in any part of a building should conform to the UBC. Local and state laws should be obeyed. We can provide you with a general recommendation only.

How many yards do I need?

Take your measurements and then click on our concrete calculator. We can help with calculations if need be; just give us a call.

What can I do to prevent cracking?

Concrete shrinks during the hydration process and has a tendency to crack. This is called shrinkage cracking. The least expensive product for reducing shrinkage cracking is stealth fibers. Millions of tiny fibers are added at the time of batching. The fibers reduce cracking and improve durability, among other things.

Do you form and finish concrete?

No, we are a ready mix supplier. You or your concrete contractor gets the job ready. Our trucks delivers the concrete and your workers do the rest.

How much is a yard of concrete?

The price of a yard of concrete can vary depending on the distance you are from our plant and the type of mix you choose for your project. Call our staff and we would be happy to assist with helping you find the best mix with a great price so that you have the best results for your project.

Do you have pumps?

We can coordinate a pump for you upon request. Most pump trucks have 200 feet of hose. If you need more than 200 feet, we can request additional hose for you. Let us know if you plan on pumping more than 200 feet as we may need to alter the mix design to ensure that it will travel through the longer hose properly.

What is the least/most you can carry in a truck?

We can carry between 3 to 9 yards depending on the mix and area we are delivering to. Smaller loads will have a short load charge which is based on the amount you order. The more you take, the less the charge.

How do I order concrete?

Call us

  1. Call us
  2. Tell us how many cubic yards you would like to order
  3. Tell us the date and time you would like the concrete to be delivered
  4. Tell us what type of mix design you would like

What is concrete made from?

Concrete is made from cement, rock, sand, water, and can also contain flyash and a variety of admixtures all mixed into proper proportions suitable for your project.

What is cement?

Cement is a mixture of limestone, calcium, and other materials that react to water to make concrete.

What are aggregates?

Aggregates are the different sized rocks that go into concrete to give you strength and stability. The coarse aggregates we offer are 1” and 3/8”, made to our local specifications. The fine aggregate we offer is sand.

Where do you deliver concrete to?

Since concrete is a perishable item, we typically deliver to locations that are within a 50 mile radius of our plant location. We do offer products that can keep the concrete fresh longer allowing us to expand our service area if need be.

Concrete Calculator

Depth (A) slab illustration
ft. in.
Width (B)
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Length (C)
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