Concrete in its simplest form is a combination of cement, rock, sand, and water. The mixture of cement and water acts as a glue and saturates the aggregate binding everything together. A chemical reaction then begins called hydration and it is through this process that the freshly mixed ingredients begin gaining strength and ultimately form the material we know as concrete.

Although there is a small group of standard mix designs most commonly used, the idea of having a blanket mix that will work for everything is unrealistic. With the variety of admixtures and supplementary materials we offer, we can create economical and effective solutions to meet any specifications. If we don’t have it, then we’ll make it, it’s that simple.

The end result is a company that prides itself on an unmatched, diverse selection of engineered mix designs that we have developed to best service our customers. This gives us a competitive edge on which we stand proud.

Concrete Calculator

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